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StarCon 2024

Gaming for all

Star Island, NH

Registration opens January 2024

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Join us for a unique gaming convention

Four days of playing games. No vendors or long lines, just tables full of friends you haven't met yet.

It’s like summer camp with tons of activities. You can raid a dungeon in the morning and kayak with harbor seals in the afternoon (IRL).

Home cooked meals and housing on an island are included in the price. No $14 convention hall chicken nuggets.

This convention is run by women and is designed for everyone. No boys club, no age limit.

Shoot the Moon hosts tabletop gaming events that are designed to maximize social connections across generations.

During our events, expert Croupiers (game masters) facilitate scheduled activities for those that want a guide and our game library is available for you to explore. We have classic board games, RPGs, mini games, and modern board games, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

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Our mission is to foster an inclusive gaming community that not only welcomes, but encourages people of all ages to join the table.

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Intergenerational friendships have innumerable benefits, but it can be difficult to know how to start a conversation with someone substantially older or younger than you. In our experience, gathering around a table to battle zombies, explore space, or "Pass Go" is a perfect way to bridge that social divide!

The Co-Founders

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Tina Morris & Rachel Bell

Tina and Rachel have been best friends since fourth grade.

Tina is a tabletop fanatic. After receiving Dominion (Rio Grande) for her birthday many moons ago, Tina was hooked and there was no coming back. Now her collection exceeds 130 board games and to her husband Josh’s chagrin, it expands on a consistent basis.

Rachel is an enthusiastic advocate for intergenerational programs and dismantling ageism. She grew up surrounded by caring elders (7 great grandparents and 4 grandparents!) and has spent her career working in aging services and related fields.

Shoot the Moon was born when they decided to combine their interests while making up an excuse to spend more time together.

Convention Details

About a month before arriving at StarCon, all registered attendees will receive a link to sign-up for specific games being hosted during the convention. At that time, a detailed agenda will be available here.

A simplified agenda for a typical StarCon-day can be seen below.

Time (EST)



  • Coffee / Hot Chocolate on the Porch
  • Polar Bear Swim in the ocean




  • Morning gaming session
  • Provided childcare (up to entering 8th grade)




  • Afternoon gaming session
  • Star Island Corp. hosted tour (ex. sustainability or history)


Happy Hour




  • Evening gaming session

About Star Island

To best learn about StarCon's amazing venue, we encourage you to visit the Star Island website. Here you can learn about:

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For anyone new to Star Island, there are a few things you will want to be aware of.

  • Founded by the Unitarian Universalists and the United Church of Christ, the Star Island Corporation has liberal religious ties. All visitors have the opportunity to engage with religious activities, such as nightly candle-lit service, but there is no pressure to do so. StarCon has no religious affiliation.
  • Any weapon, firearm, fireworks, candles, incense, objects with heating elements, or any dangerous object are strictly NOT permitted.
  • The island DOES NOT have a liquor license. Guests of legal drinking age can bring their own alcohol to consume in their room.
  • Due to the historic nature of the hotel, electricity is limited to one outlet per guest room.
  • The island is only accessible by a ferry that runs the day you arrive and the day you leave. You will not be able to return to the mainland during your stay (unless there is an emergency).
  • Like summer camp, most bathrooms and shower rooms are not private to your room.
  • StarCon will be sharing the island with three conferences - South Church Retreat, Star Gathering 1 Family Conference and Star Gathering UCC Youth Conference. For more information about these conferences, visit their program pages on the Star Island website.

Click here for a full list of island policies and procedures.

Convention Pricing

Star Island Room & Board includes:

  • 4 night stay on Star Island
  • 11 family-style meals (breakfast, lunch, & dinner)
  • Ferry transportation to and from the island
  • Star Island activities (marine lab, swimming, ghost tours, etc.)

Room Type

Room & Board

Per Adult

(age 18 to 100+)

Room & Board Per Child


(one person in a room)




(a room shared with people you choose)


Age 0-5: Free

Age 6-11: $324

Age 12-17: $469

If full room and board would preclude you and your family from attending, please review the island's financial grants information here.

StarCon Program Fee covers:

  • All gaming activities (open play, facilitated games, etc.)
  • Child program fee: covers morning (9a-12p) child care Thurs-Saturday for infants through children entering 8th grade


(9th grader to 100+)


(8th grader or younger)



Potential additional costs

  • Parking at the ferry terminal is $18/night ($72 total for the duration of the convention).
  • The Hanover Parking Garage can also be used for parking at a lower rate, however it is a 5-8 minute walk to the ferry with your luggage.
  • Wednesday night's dinner can be upgraded to lobster for $18/person.
  • There is an island gift shop, snack bar and bookstore.


Two adult people with one car that stay in a shared room will pay:

$72 (Parking)

+ $1406 (2 Shared Room & Board)

+ $240 (2 Adult Program Fees)

Total = $1718

Registration Policies

  • At the time of registration, you will be required to pay a deposit of $100/person plus your program fees. The remaining amount will be paid on-island before you leave on the last day.
  • Cancellation Policy

You belong at StarCon

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We know that people from all walks of life enjoy gaming, but unfortunately not everyone always feels safe and welcome at gaming events. In particular, many women, people in the LGBTQIA and BIPOC communities, older people, and people with disabilities have experienced exclusion and discrimination.

Shoot the Moon strives to build a supportive community with space at the table for everyone. In everything we do, we consider how our choices will impact others. Areas of focus include accessibility, real-time inclusivity, and community outreach. We will not tolerate harassment of any kind.

Please see Star Island's Safe Community Policies and Beloved Community Project for more information about its commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Want to join our amazing team of Croupiers (game masters)?

Croupiers facilitate games for participants that would like a guided experience. StarCon, like all gaming conventions, relies on amazing individuals who run the 50+ hosted sessions throughout the convention. We are grateful for our fantastic Croupiers and recognize that StarCon wouldn't be possible without them! Make sure to indicate that you want to be a Croupier during the registration process.

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Benefits of being a Croupier:

  • All Croupiers will be given a Shoot the Moon t-shirt to wear during their session.
  • Any Croupier who runs 2 4-hour sessions will have their Programming Fee refunded toward their Room & Board.

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Question about being a Croupier:

  • What if I'm new to running a game? We all were new once! StarCon is built on a community of inclusion - we are the best place to try something new.
  • What types of games can I run? Whatever you like. Card games, board games, miniatures and RPGs of all systems are welcome. We even have a fantastic front lawn for an intrepid Croupier who wants to lead a LARP battle.
  • Do I need to bring my own copy to run a game? There is a list of Open Play games (see below) that you can run, however if you want to run a game not on that list, you will need to bring a copy with you.
  • How do I apply to be a Croupier? During the registration process, there will be a question regarding your interest in this role. After registering, all interested parties will receive a TableTop.Events link to submit their game requests.

Details coming soon!

StarCon 2024

We want to hear from you!

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